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Our School - A Brief History

In 1834 the Parish Priest of Glenmore, Rev. John Fielding applied for permission to build a school in Glenmore. The first mixed school was built and opened in 1835 (on the site of the 'old hall'). The school was heated by an open fire and children had to bring their own fuel. In 1891 the upper portion of the 'old hall' was built and became a girl's school with 54 pupils. A separate boys school and girls school existed until 1941 when amalgamation took place and Glenmore had a mixed school once again. Over the following 15 years the number of pupils in the school remained in the region of 90 -100.

A picture of the old school in Glenmore (across the road from present school)

The present school was built in 1957. The building originally consisted of three small classrooms (Mr. Power's, Ms. Cooke's and Ms. Ryan's) but in 1964 a fourth larger classroom (Mr. Grant's) was built as pupil numbers had increased. Numbers continued to increase and in 1968 an all time high figure of 171 pupils were recorded on roll.

Photographs below from 1958 show the official opening ceremony of Glenmore N.S. and Ballyfacey N.S. (both in the parish of Glenmore)

In 1980, the Department of Education agreed to the building of the General Purposes Room, the provision of oil fired central heating and the construction of the basketball court. Pupil numbers reduced in the late 1980's and in 1991 there were just three teachers in Glenmore N.S. and 71 pupils.

During the mid nineties, numbers showed an increase and because of this and a reduction in the pupil teacher ratio, a fourth and fifth teacher were required. A prefabricated building was bought in 2002 to accommodate the extra numbers. The prefab consisted of a classroom, toilets and a learning support room. The prefab has now been demolished and removed.

In October 2010 an application for an extension and upgrade to the school was made as the numbers were continuing to rise. We received planning permission for a state of the art school extension and upgrade. In 2013 we were given a devolved grant to build 3 brand new state of the art classrooms. These classrooms were finished in May 2015 and officially opened on June 26th 2015 by Deputy J.P. Phelan and blessed by Bishop Séamus Freeman, SAC.

Classrooms under construction below

Two pictures below of the present school building as it looks today.

Mr. Robert Walsh was Principal in Glenmore N.S. from 1964 until 2002. A huge amount of credit should be given to Mr. Walsh for the time and commitment that he dedicated to Glenmore N.S. Following Mr. Walsh's retirement in 2002, Mr. Kevin Rafferty was appointed Principal and served his years followed by Mr. Donal Power as Acting Principal.

In September 2010, Mr. Philip Kennedy was appointed Principal of the school. Phillip was principal of Glenmore National School until June 2018, when he then moved to become principal of Crossabeg NS, Co. Wexford. Laura Kelly took over as principal during the summer of 2018. The school now has four classroom teachers, a learning support teacher, resource teacher, two S.N.As., a part-time secretary, a cleaner and a caretaker. Fr. Thomas O' Toole is Chairman of the Board of Management and a strong connection continues to exist between the school community and the church.

The school is continuing to improve and we are very grateful for the strong academic foundations that have been put in place by past principals, teachers and students.